Clear Creek Ranger District - Arapaho / Roosevelt National Forest
Closed Roads
Road Name Forest Service
Road Name
FDR # Difficulty Miles Status
    781   1.33 Administrative Closure. Includes .1, .2
Argentine Pass Argentine Pass 724.1 Moderate 5   Administrative Closure .1A, .1B
Broken Handle Broken Handle 189     Administrative Closure.
Broomfield Gulch Broomfield Gulch 720.1
1.26 Administrative Closure
Byron's Byron's 7042A     Administrative Closure.
California Mountain California Mountain 754.1
0.20 Administrative Closure
Cold Springs Cold Springs 179.1

Administrative Closure
Columbine Campground Columbine Campground 176.1 Easy - 1 1.10 Yankee Hill Fuels project, 2007
Cub Creek Cub Creek Trail 197

1.95 Administrative Closure
Cumberland Gulch Cumberland Gulch 271.E

Administrative Closure
Democrat Mountain Democrat Mountain 778

Administrative Closure .2B-.2D
Dory Hill Dory Hill 756.1A
0.15 Administrative Closure
Eagles Nest Eagles Nest 189B     Administrative Closure.
Elk Park Elk Park 628.1
1.19 Administrative Closure
Eureka Gulch Eureka Gulch 620.1
0.90 Administrative Closure
Kent Kent 758.1
0.16 Administrative Closure
Kingston Peak Kingston Peak 353.4

Administrative Closure
Lincoln Lincoln 7029A     Administrative Closure.
Loch Lohman Loch Lohman 701.2B Easy - 1
Administrative Closure
Metz Creek Metz Creek 7037A     Administrative Closure.
Michigan Hill Michigan Hill 713.1
3.08 Administrative Closure
Montana Mountain Montana Mountain 353.2C
Easy - 2
Forest Service closed, 1991
Yankee Hill Fuels, 2007
Yankee Hill Fuels, 2007
Mt. Goliath Mt. Goliath 7040     Administrative Closure.
Oregon Hill Oregon Hill 625.1
1.00 Administrative Closure
Paines Mountain Paines Mountain 7024     Administrative Closure. Includes 7024A - C
Pecks Gulch Pecks Spur 747
0.83 Administrative Closure. Includes .1A, .1C
Pickle Gulch Pickle Gulch Spur 177.2D Easy - 2 0.28
Ruby Gulch Ruby Gulch 7032     Administrative Closure.
Ski Lift Road Ski Lift Road 703.1A
0.25 Administrative Closure
Soda Creek Soda Creek 7034     Administrative Closure. Includes 7034A-D
Steve Canyon Steve Canyon 7035     Administrative Closure. Includes 7035A, B
Upper Grizzly Gulch Upper Grizzly Gulch 7030A     Administrative Closure.
Upper Hoop Creek Upper Hoop Creek 7004     Administrative Closure.
Utah Hill Utah Hill 716.1
1.39 Administrative Closure
West Chicago Creek Cutoff West Chicago Creek Cutoff 7025A     Administrative Closure.
Wilson Meadow Wilson Meadow 190.1
1.17 Administrative Closure. Includes .1A
Yankee Creek Yankee Creek 244
6.00 Administrative Closure, .1A-.1C, .2
Yankee Creek Yankee Creek West 723

4.00 Administrative Closure
York Gulch York Gulch 745.1A Easy - 1 0.10 Administrative Closure
 Total Miles of Recreation Roads CLOSED ???
Last Modified: 11/20/07
1) Road mileage is taken from Forest Service INFRA data as of January 2005.
2) Difficulty ratings are based on an average. To some, the levels list the road as easier than they are, while to others they are listed as harder. Consider this when choosing roads to drive. Know your ability. If you are new to four wheeling, start at the easy level and work up to find your highest ability.