Canyon Lakes Ranger District - Arapaho / Roosevelt National Forest
Closed Roads
Road Name Forest Service
Road Name
FDR # Difficulty Miles Status
Bear Gulch Bear Gulch 345.D  
Closed by private property
Bennett Creek Cheyenne Ridge 139  
139.1, .C, .E, .F, .J, .K, .L
Burnett Gulch Burnett Gulch 401     Administrative Closure
Button Rock Button Rock 118 Easy - 4   Closed 1992, Forest Service, .3 part, .4B, .5
Deadman Deadman 319     Closed, .A, .B
Duraven Glade Duraven Glade 104     Closed
Elkhorn Creek Elkhorn Creek 198   2.50 Closed
Flowers Road Old Flowers 152.A Easy - 1   Closed
Green Ridge Cutoff Nunn Creek 319 Easy - 2
Closed, .E, .E1
Jimmy Creek Jimmy Creek 303  
Closed, Part of 303.A1
Johnny Park Johnny Park 605.1

Administrative Closure
Kelly Flats Kelly Flats 168.D

Administrative Closure
Lion Gulch Lion Gulch 120,131,322     Closed by Private Property
North Bald Mountain North Bald Mountain 333  
Closed 333A
Pierson Park Pierson Park 119  
Closed 2W119.D1, 1W119.F
Pole Hill Pole Hill Road 122  
Closed 122A, 324
Poverty Gulch Poverty Gulch 342  
Rattlesnake Gulch Rattlesnake Gulch 118.2A     Closed, Forest Service
Sand Creek Sand Creek 336.B

Storm Mountain Storm Mountain Road 153

Closed, 153.D, 1W153.D, 0W299.B
Stringtown Gulch Hyatt Hill 345     Closed, 345.A, 345.C
Stub Creek Stub Creek 193     Includes .1, .2, .3
Trap Creek Trap Creek 156.A     Closed
    176.A   1.2 Closed 2007. Deadman 1 Project
    178.A   1.0 Closed 2007. Deadman 1 Project
    199   1.5 Closed 2007. Deadman 1 Project. Includes .A, .B1, .B2, .D
  ?? - Total Miles of Recreation Roads

Last Modified: 11/20/07


Road names grayed out have been closed to the public.

Road mileage is taken from Forest Service road data. It is first pass and will be double checked when maps of each road are produced.

Difficulty ratings are based on an average. To some, the levels list the road as easier than they are, while to others they are listed as harder.

Consider this when choosing roads to drive. Know your ability. If you are new to four wheeling, start at the easy level and work up to find your highest ability.