Yampa Ranger District - Routt National Forest
Closed 4WD Roads
Road Name Forest Service
Road Name
FR # Difficulty Miles Status
Big Meadow Big Meadow 570   3.00 Admin closure
Includes 570.1A
Broken Saw Broken Saw 241.1A   1.63 Admin closure
Includes 241.1B
Coal Creek Coal Creek 906   0.75 Closed in Bear River Travel plan 2012
Cotton Cotton 580   3.55 Admin closure
Includes 580.1B
Cow Cow 209   1.80 Admin closure
Dead Elk Dead Elk 246   1.19 Admin closure
Deadman (aka Powerline Road) Deadman (aka Powerline Road) 226   14.83 Admin closure
Includes 225.1A-.1R
Decker Creek Decker Creek 249   7.86 Admin closure
Includes 249.1A-.1I
Denim Denim 581   0.90 Admin closure
Farnham Creek Farnham Creek 255   4.80 Admin closure
Includes 255.1A-.1D
Feldspar Feldspar 224   1.15 Admin closure
Gore Lake Gore Lake 242   2.20 Admin closure
Includes 242.1A
Green Ridge Green Ridge 285   7.74 Admin closure 2016
Harrison Divide Harrison Divide 317   4.08 Admin closure
Includes 317.1B,.1C
Harper Harper 915   4.00 Closed in Bear River Travel plan 2012
Includes 915.1B-.1D
Horse Creek Horse Creek 210   13.89 Admin closure
Includes 210.1A-.1F,.2D
Jayhook Jayhook 221   3.50 Admin closure
Includes 221.1A
Jersey Jersey 574   3.40 Admin closure
Jolly Rock Jolly Rock 271   1.90 Admin closure
Little Henry Little Henry 288   3.84 Admin closure
Includes 288.1A
Long Park Long Park 225   5.10 Admin closure
Includes 225.1A,.1B,.1F-.1H
Lower Hunt Creek Lower Hunt Creek 944   3.20 Admin closure
Includes 944.1A,.1B
Midway Midway 102   2.60 Admin closure
Moody Creek Moody Creek 909   2.16 Admin closure
Morrison Road Morrison Road 227   2.70 Admin closure
Includes 227.1A
Muslin Muslin 572   1.67 Admin closure
North Dunckley North Dunckley 951   8.95 Admin closure
Includes 951.2A,.2B
North Hunt Creek North Hunt Creek 936   3.40 Closed by Forest Service, Oak Creek Roads EA, 2012
Oil Well Oil Well 949.1A,.1B   3.00 Closed by Forest Service, Oak Creek Roads EA, 2012
One More One More 244   1.50 Admin closure
Park Park 276   2.17 Admin closure
Includes 276.1A
Poose Creek Poose Creek 968   1.20 Admin closure
Reflag Reflag 243.1C   2.73 Admin closure
Includes 243.1E-.1I
Ridge Run Ridge Run 245   2.26 Admin closure
Includes 245.1A-.1C
Shaffer Reservoir Shaffer Reservoir 952   2.40 Admin closure
Includes 952.1A,.1B
Sawmill Sawmill 241   1.97 Admin closure 2016
Shoe Horn Shoe Horn 278   6.31 Admin closure
Includes 278.1A-.1B
South Hunt Creek South Hunt Creek 941   9.30 Admin closure
Includes 941.1A-.1C
Tepee Creek Tepee Creek 268   12.94 Admin closure
Includes 268.1A-.1R
The Pines The Pines 943.1A   0.45 Closed by Forest Service, Oak Creek Roads EA, 2012
West Fish Creek West Fish Creek 954   1.50 Admin closure
Includes 954.1A
Total Miles of Recreation Roads CLOSED 160.82
Last Modified: 04/10/22
1) Road mileage is and estimate taken from Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM).
2) Difficulty ratings are based on an average. To some, the levels list the road as easier than they are, while to others they are listed as harder. Consider this when choosing roads to drive. Know your ability. If you are new to four wheeling, start at the easy level and work up to find your highest ability.