Colorado Moderate 4WD Roads   
Road Name Other Names Rd # Difficulty Miles Location Status
Argentine Pass Georgetown Pass FR 724 5 2.00 Georgetown does not cross
Bill Moore Lake Bill Moore Lake FR 183 7 5.00 Empire Adopted
Black Bear Pass Black Bear FR 648 7
Caribou Caribou FR 505.1 5 14.00 Nederland Adopted
Castle Gulch Ridge Castle Gulch Ridge FR 287.1B 6 1.00 Jamestown Adopted
China Wall China Wall FR 212, FR 204 5 6.50 Tarryall Adopted
Coney Flats Coney Creek FR 507 6 6.54 Peaceful Valley Adopted
Crescent/Mackinaw Lakes Crescent/Mackinaw FR 613 6
Burns Adopted
Crystal Lakes Crystal Lakes FR 6
Crystal Mountain Crystal Mountain FR344A 5 2.00 Masonville Adopted
Eagle Rock Road Eagle Rock Road FR 370.C 7 2.50 Monument Adopted
East Goldenage East Goldenage FR288 6
Jamestown Adopted
Ellis Jeep Trail Ellis Jeep Trail FR499, FR500 6 9.50 Hahns Peak Seasonal
Empire Loop North Empire Loop FR171 7 4.50 Empire  
Fireman Hill   FR286D 7 2.00 Jamestown  
Garibaldi Gulch Garibaldi Gulch FD356 5 2.50 Breckenridge  
Hackett Gulch Hackett Gulch FR220 6 6.00 Westcreek Adopted
Hayden Pass Hayden Pass FR907, FR6 6 8.30 Villa Grove / Coaldale  
High Trail Gulch High Trail Gulch 445.1 5 5.00 State Bridge  
Imogene Pass Imogene Pass FR869 6 8.00 Telluride
Ironclads   FR216 5 2.78 Allenspark  
Iron Mike South Halfmoon 4WD 110.J 7 4.88 Leadville  
Jenny Creek Jenny Creek FR502
7 3.14
Rollinsville Adopted
Kelly Flats Winterstein Mesa FR172,168 7 8.00 Rustic Adopted
Kingston Peak Kingston Peak FR353 5 10.00 Rollinsville Adopted
Lefthand Main Lefthand Canyon FR286 6 5.00 Jamestown
Longwater Gulch Longwater Gulch FR221 6 4.00 Westcreek Adopted
McAllister Gulch McAllister Gulch FR747 5 8.50 Vail Seasonal
Middle St. Vrain Middle St. Vrain FR114 7 4.00 Peaceful Valley Adopted, Seasonal
Miners Gulch Miners Gulch FR175.3C 6 2.50 Central City  
Moody Hill Moody Hill FR513, FR132 7 5.00 Masonville Adopted
Napoleon Pass
FR953, FT540 5 6.00 Tincup
Ninety Four Ninety Four FR 6
Idaho Springs
North Fork, Swan River North Swan FR354.1 7 4.00 Breckenridge
North Sand Hills Walden Dunes NA 5-7 NA Walden Open Dunes
North Supply Creek Trail North Supply Creek Trail FR 6
North Twin Cone Peak North Twin Cone Peak FR 6
Pearl Pass   FR738, Cnty 15 6 14.20 Crested Butte, Aspen Adopted
Pickle Gulch Blackhawk FR718 6 1.58 Black Hawk  
Radical Hill Radical Hill FR286 6 3.60 Montezuma Adopted
Red Elephant Hill Red Elephant FR171.3A 5 2.04 Lawson  
Red Cone Red Cone FR565 7 6.10 Montezuma Adopted
Reno Divide Reno Divide FT642 7 3.30 Crested Butte  
Resolution Mountain Resolution Mountain FR708.1A 5 0.25 Redcliff Seasonal
Saints John Saints John Road FR 275 5 6.30 Montezuma  
Schofield Pass Schofield Pass FR314, FR317 6 15.20 Crested Butte, Marble Adopted
Seven Mile Seven Mile Creek FR225 7 7.25 Rustic Adopted
T-33 Crash Site North Basin FR 203 6 1.10 Allenspark  
Taylor Pass Taylor Pass FR761, Cnty 15C 7 7.60 Aspen, Taylor Park  
Tincup Pass
FR 267 6 9.60 St. Elmo, Tincup
Union Canyon Lottis Creek FT 631 5 3.00 Tincup
Wearyman Creek Wearyman Road FR747 5 5.50 Redcliff Seasonal

?? - Total Miles of Moderate 4WD Roads

Last Modified: 04/16/15


Difficulty ratings are based on an average. To some, the levels list the road as easier than they are, while to others they are listed as harder. Consider this when choosing roads to drive. Know your ability. If you are new to four wheeling, start at the easy level and work up to find your highest ability.