Lake CR10  
USGS 7.5' Map: Leadville South
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Easy 1 Cnty 10 2.24 9,500 ft. None 45 mins
County: Lake
Adopted by:      
Managed by: Lake County 505 Harrison Ave., Leadville, CO 80461 (none)
Summary: Lake County Road 10, north end, loops around some private property to the Lodgepole Flats area.
Attractions: Camping
Natural - Closed by snow.
Best Time: June - Best
July - Best
August - Best
September - Best
October - Early snows may close
Trail Heads:  
Camping: There area a few dispersed camp sites at the south end of the road.
Base Camp: This would be a good area to base camp and explore Lodgepole Flats.
Fall Colors: Poor - Mainly pine forest.
Navigation: From Buena Vista, CO. head north on US-24 W toward W Sterling Ave for 25.6 miles. Turn left onto County Road 10 and go 0.1 miles. Turn right toward Forest Road 130 and go 361 feet. Slight left onto Forest Road 130 then go 1.6 miles. Turn right onto Forest Road 130A and go 1.2 miles. Turn right at the four way intersection to start County Road 10.

From Leadville, CO. head south on Harrison Ave toward E 4th Street for 0.3 miles. Continue onto Silver Drive for 0.3 miles. Continue onto US-24 E/Front Street for 3.3 miles. Turn right onto CO-300 West and go 0.8 miles. Turn left onto Halfmoon Road and go 1.3 miles. Continue onto County Road 11A and go 0.6 miles. Turn left onto County Road 10.
There are multiple parts to Lake County Road 10. Private property has separated the north end from the south end. The southern end is better maintained, running from Hwy 24 to Twin Lakes. This section is at the north end. Starting from the north end, off of County Road 11A the road will be a two track crossing a large plain heading southeast. You will come to an intersection with a short spur road on your left that fades out to the east. Shortly after that you will come to two more intersections on the left that head east to drop over the rise to a private home. As you come to the trees there will be another traveled road on the right that heads back along the trees to County Road 11A. Continuing south you will immediately come to another intersection. Both the left and right roads will reconnect after a few hundred feet. This is where it gets tricky. The roads come back together, but split again. County Road 10 is to the left, but it dead ends at the drop off of the plain down to the Arkansas River. Before you get to the edge you will come to a fence. Stay to the right. You will head away from the trees and come to a road to the right that goes to the house in the trees. Stay straight and continue toward the forest. Where the road enters the forest will be another split that reconnects in a few hundred feet. You will head back out to the open area to follow along the forest before coming to another shorter split in the road. Past this there will be a spur road to the right that goes into the forest to an area that was thinned in the past. Continue following the main road toward the trees again. Before you get to the trees you will pass three left spurs that all connect together to go around the edge of the forest. Staying with the main road, straight, you will enter the forest.

Middle section

photo by:
Adam M

Once in the trees you will pass a spur road to the right that goes into another area that was thinned in the past. Continue on the main road. You will come back out to the edge of the forest and connect with the previous three left spurs that will come back into the main road on your left. Past this intersection you will quickly come to a larger Y intersection. The road to the right goes to yet another thinned area of the forest. Stay straight here going through the Y intersection. Next you will come to another right spur that goes to a camp site. Past this turn you will head back into the trees heading northwest. Finally you will come to a large four way intersection. County Road 11A will be to your right, Conduit North, FR130A, will be to your left, and Lodgepole Flats North, FR160, will be straight ahead.
Data updated - January 12, 2021       4WD Road driven - September 7, 2020       Copyright - 2000-2021