Colorado Difficult 4WD Roads   
Road Name Other Names Rd # Difficulty Miles Location Status
Barking Dog Long Gulch FR297.1 8 3.00 Lyons Closed, Private property
Battlement Mesa Battlement Reservoir FR847 9
Billings Canyon Jeep Trail Billings Canyon
Grand Junction Adopted
Blanca Peak Como Lake Road FR975 9 8.25 Alamosa Adopted
Cactus Ridge

Calamity Canyon

Carnage Canyon Upper Creek FR286.1A 8 0.50 Jamestown Closed, Forest Service
Chinaman Chinaman Gulch BLM6043, BLM6044 8 4.65 Buena Vista  
Die Trying

Fooses Creek Fooses Creek FR225 8 4.00 Salida
Glacier Ridge North Fork FR258 8 5.00 Breckenridge Adopted
Grizzly Lake Grizzly Gulch FR296 8 2.50 Buena Vista Adopted
Holy Cross Holy Cross City FR759 8 4.00 Minturn Adopted
Iron Chest Iron Chest   9   Buena Vista  
Kelly Flats Kelly Flats FR168 8 10.00 Rustic Adopted
Mad Dog

8 4.00 Canon City Closed, Private Property
Miller Rock Miller Rock FR252,FR254 8 11.74 Raymond  
Mother Hill
FR286.1C 8 0.50 Jamestown Closed, Forest Service
North Sand Hills Walden Dunes NA 3-9 NA Walden Open Dunes
Poughkeepsie Gulch Poughkeepsie Gulch FR876 8 4.52 Ouray / Silverton Adopted
Spring Creek Spring Creek (Silver Creek) FR712.2J, .2H 9 5.90 Idaho Springs

Walker Mountain The Rock FR509 8 1.73 Boulder Impassable due to 2013 Flood
Williams Pass Williams Pass FR298.A 8
Buena Vista / Pitkin Adopted
Wheeler Lake Wheeler Lake FR408 8 4.20 Alma Adopted
  42.22 - Total Miles of Difficult 4WD Roads
Last Modified: 12/09/21
Road names grayed out have been closed to the public.

Difficulty ratings are based on an average. To some, the levels list the road as easier than they are, while to others they are listed as harder. Consider this when choosing roads to drive. Know your ability. If you are new to four wheeling, start at the easy level and work up to find your highest ability.