Northwest Region
Alphabetical listing of Colorado 4WD Roads

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B - Road Attributes Location
Baxter Pass Easy Grand Junction
Berry Gulch Difficult Edwards
Blacktail Creek Easy Radium
Blair Mountain Easy Glenwood Springs
Buffalo Pass Easy, Scenic Steamboat Springs
Buford / New Castle Road Easy, Scenic New Castle
Top      C - Road Attributes Location
Calamity Ridge Easy Rangely
Cathedral Bluffs Easy, Scenic Rangely
Clinetops / Hiner Springs Easy, Scenic New Castle
Coal Ridge Easy Rangely
Cottonwood Easy State Bridge
Cottonwood Basin Easy State Bridge
Cottonwood Peak
aka McCord Pass
Easy State Bridge
Crescent / Makinaw Lakes Moderate, Lakes, Trailhead Burns
Top      D - Road Attributes Location
Dead Horse / Long Park Easy Meeker
Top      E - Road Attributes Location
East Beaver / Sleepy Cat Moderate, Scenic, Historic Buford
East Castle Peak (Coberly Gap) Easy Wolcott
Echo Park Easy, Scenic, Historic Dinosaur
Elkhorn Mountain Moderate Steamboat Springs
Ellis Jeep Trail Moderate Columbine
Toph      F - Road Attributes Location
Farwell Mtn. Easy, Historic, Trailhead Hahns Peak
Flat Tops Easy, Scenic Meeker
Top      G - Road Attributes Location
Grand Junction Desert Easy to Difficult Grand Junction
Top      H - Road Attributes Location
Hahns Peak Easy, Scenic, Mining, Trailhead Hahns Peak
High Trail Gulch Moderate State Bridge
Top      M - Road Attributes Location
Moeller Creek / Sleepy Cat Moderate Meeker
Morrison Creek (Lynx Pass) Easy Toponas
Top      O - Road Attributes Location
Old Highway Easy, Historic Toponas
Top      P - Road Attributes Location
Pindante Canyon Easy, Historic Rangely
Top      R - Road Attributes Location
Red Dirt Creek / Derby Mesa Easy Burns
Red and White Mountain Easy Vail
Red Sandstone (Muddy Pass) Easy Wolcott and Vail
Roan Cliffs Easy, Scenic Rifle
Top      S - Road Attributes Location
Sand Wash Basin Easy, Scenic Maybell
Sheephorn Easy State Bridge
Sleepy Cat Moderate Meeker
Spring Creek Easy, Lakes, Trailhead Silverthorne
Spruce Divide Easy Toponas
Storm King Mountain Difficult Glenwood Springs
Top      T - Road Attributes Location
Transfer Trail Moderate Glenwood Springs
Trough Road Pass Easy Kremmling
Top      W - Road Attributes Location
Walters Lake Easy State Bridge
West Deep Creek Rim Moderate, Scenic Dotsero
Wild Horse Trail Easy, Scenic DeBeque
Top      Y - Road Attributes Location
Yampa Bench Easy, Scenic Dinosaur

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